What is SupportStream?

SupportStream a fan funding service based on the idea that the only things you should need to worry about are the only things that matter:
Making great content and engaging with your community.
That's why we've streamlined everything out and focused on something that's simple, consistant, and affordable.

Getting them to start is half the battle.
But we can make that battle much easier.

Imagine if you didn't have to convince them to donate in general,
but instead could just focus on getting them to donate to you as well. 
SupportStream's unified system does just that. Because each time they use it to help,
it becomes even easier for them to help someone else.

We make it ridiculously easy.

Studies have shown that the brain can only make a limited number of decisions a day. Too many and our brain just craps out on us. Which is why we want it to be as simple as possible, because if there's too many choices, to many decisions, people will just remember as being a pain in the ass, which means they won't want to do it again. By keeping it simple, it comes down to "do I want to do this thing that I've already done for this person as well?" And that's an easy choice to make if they already like you.

We make it so affordable they won't hesitate.

A dollar a month. Cheap it enough that they can support multiple people without hurting their wallet, but consistent enough that it can still scale into something very useful for you.

We make them feel good about it.

Appreciation is one of the cornerstones of human interactions, but with all of the coldness of the internet/business world, it's easy to forget its importance. But we have that friend who we would go out of our way for, just because of how good they make us feel when we do. SupportStream models after that and puts the emphasis on making sure the user knows we appreciate what they do in a way that feels as personal as possible.

Instant thank yous.

Create a custom video or website to forward them to as soon as they start supporting you, so that they can get the immediate feedback of feeling like they helped you. It doesn't just help you, but it makes them want to more people as well, so it helps everyone.

Onsite thank you.

Use our API to show people who are supporting you a special banner message, so that every time they visit you, they know you appreciate them.

Monthly thank you messages.

Take 5 minutes of your day once a month to say thank you and remind them you appreciate what they're doing. By keeping it personal, you can brighten their day and make them feel extra good about helping you.

We disable ads.

With our easy to integrate API, you can give them the power to turn off the thing they hate the most. We can give them a better experience just for helping you out.

Step 1: Register

You'll need a PayPal account and a twitter account.
(The twitter account is an optional way to help users verify your identity)

Step 2: Create your first thank you message.

Sample Thank You: http://youtu.be/qVWqpTjIh4I
We want them to feel appreciated as soon as they start supporting you, so take the time to make a simple thank you page or message that we can point them to the first time they do

Step 3: (Optional) Integrate SupportStream into your site.
(Youtubers can skip this step)

Use our super simple API to integrate SupportStream into your site so that you can disable ads and show thank you messages to your supporters

Step 4: Ask for help

Make a brief but simple message on your site or vlog saying you've signed up and would like their help.
Make sure to tell them why you need it and what goal the money goes towards, otherwise they may assume it's not important enough.
Check out our Tutorial on how to ask for money

Step 5: You're done!

Anything else?

Yeah, once a month, send your supporters a short thank you message to let them know that you appreciate their help.