Who we are

The working togetherers is a movement dedicated to solving complex problems. By tackling the underlying issues, we can make the world better for everyone. Read more about us here: http://thetogetherers.org

Because people doing what they love should be as easy as possible.
We want more people providing value to the world and getting rewarded for it.
Because then more people can do it.
I think a world where people get rewarded for their work is a better one.
I think it's a problem worth solving.

  • Where people don't have to choose between their passion and their income.
  • Creates an enviroment where passion and uniqueness can thrive.
  • It helps the people who just want to help.
  • Takes the business out of providing value.
  • Lets people focus exclusively on doing what they love.
  • Because people shouldn't have to struggle to do things that we love

The importance of a consolidated source.

A consolidated source is extremely important because it means that once a user has subscribed to one person, it's much much more likely for them to subscribe to another.
That means that working together helps everyone