How can I help? (Besides donating?)

The best thing you can do is talk about it! Say you're "SupportStreaming" this or that person. The more people see it as a normal and social thing, the more likely they are to do it.

Why does it take a couple days before I am billed?

In order to save on processing fees, all of your donations are billed in bulk. Because we don't want to miss any, we give a couple days before we start processing.

Why do you use Paypal?

There are two main reasons for using paypal:
1. Paypal has very generous microtransaction fees.
A typical company charges 3% + 30cent transaction fee, which means (after our cut), the person you're supporting would only see 63 cents for your dollar.
Paypal charges 5% plus 5cent transaction fee, so after our cut, they get 85 cents of your dollar.
2. Credit Card processors HATE what we do.
Accepting money on behalf of others is a big no-no in the processing world, and most places won't even touch us, even at the higher rates.

Is it ideal? No. And one day when we're not a startup and have millions of dollars in resources, we'll be in a better position to negotiate a better deal, but for right now we're grateful to Paypal for even allowing us to do it at all.


What are the fees?

SupportStream takes a 5% cut in addition to any fees the credit card processor takes.
Our current processor Paypal takes 5% +5cent transaction fee, so effectively 10% if they are only donating to you.
There is also a small fee for sending you the money.

I'm a big name/Don't need the money. How can I help?

First and foremost, Support Stream is about appreciation. So, even if the money itself is of no value, knowing that people care enough to pay a dollar a month to support you is very likely something that's going to be meaningful to you.
It's also worth saying that at a dollar a month, you're not taking money away from anyone else by setting up an account. In fact it's the opposite:
The biggest obstacle SupportStream faces is getting people started. Once they get started it's much easier for them to donate to others. So by being the person that gets them started on it, you're doing a lot of good.
It is very important that you be very gracious with your thankyous, because you may very well be the first and the last person they donate to if you do a bad job.

Why aren't the fees consistant?

The 5 cent transaction fee is split among all of the people that person is supporting, so if they're supporting 10 people you're fee for their dollar is effectively 5.5 cents
If you're the only person they're supporting, then you pay the whole transaction fee, which would be 10 cents.

Can I disable ads on Websites I don't own?

SupportStream has the option to let you give up to a 5% cut to a third party in exchange for disabling ads on their website.
In this way, they can still make money, and you can still take care of your supporters.