Step 1: Introduce the product

Emphasize that it's only a dollar a month and that it's REALLY easy
If they don't know it's cheap, they'll assume it's expensive and won't even look into it, so make sure you mention that it's only a dollar a month. Also talk about how easy it is and that it only takes about 30 seconds to sign up. For much the same reason, we don't want them to put it off because they think it's going to be a pain.

Step 2: Talk about how it could help

Think about the difference between asking a friend:
"Hey, could I have 20 dollars?"
"Hey, can I have 20 dollars for gas?"
Your friend is a lot more likely to help you out with gas money than give you money for no reason.
Asking for support is no different. If you explain what the money is for, than they'll be a lot more likely to help you.

If you're struggling for money: It's ok to talk about it, but don't whine about it. The mindset should be something like
"I've got this handled, but in a way that isn't ideal, and this money would really make things a lot easier."

It's also important to understand that, emotionally speaking, it's about helping YOU or what YOUR doing.
So, if you try to sell them something, or say how it's good for them, than they may see it as a value purchase and be more likely to dismiss it. But when it comes to people or causes they care about, people are much more generous.
So try to avoid treating it like it's a business transaction.

It's also important to understand that, especially if you're an artist, if there's a personal connection, than its ok to ask for things that are not necessarily related to your work They're invested in YOU and they want YOU to succeed, so its ok to talk about goals or dreams that the money could help out with.

Step 3: Talk about how much you'd appreciate it.

Talk about how it means something to know that they appreciate what you're doing.

Step 4: Ask them to help out others as well.

This is a chance to talk about the bigger problems in a way that doesn't come off as whiney.
Talk about how it's very hard to make money on the internet and this can help them.

If you're struggling for money, its ok to downplay this part (but still mention it).

Step 5: Keep it short.

Don't go on and on or give them a whole page of text to read, (because they probably won't).
Bottom line it for them.
Give them something that short, simple, and straight to the point.


When you're broke: