Bannable Offenses

Ultimately, we feel the user and not us is best able to decide who is worth supporting and who is not, and in that regard we strive to have as relaxed of a policy as possible. However there are a few exceptions.


While not bannable offenses, we do strive to make the donating experience as positive as possible, so in that regard, here are some strongly suggested guidelines.
Actively Say Thank you.

The more appreciated supporters feel, the more likely they are to keep doing it, so please make an active effort to support the various ways of saying thank you.

Do not use us to sell products

SupportStream is about appreciating the things we value, so please do not use it as the financial backbone of any services you're selling.

No guilt or other negative tactics.

While it may be tempting to try to increase support by using negative tactics such as guilt or threats of quitting, this is extremely disrespectful to the people who are supporting you, because you're saying their help doesn't count, as well as the people who aren't because you're trying to pressure them.

This sort of behavior, while not bannable, is extremely frowned upon, because it can make people feel bad about donating and ruin the experience for everyone.

Disable Ads

Since they are supporting you directly, we want to remove the annoyances that ads are causing.